Yamaha NMAX 155 ABS (GPD150A)

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The new MY23 NMAX 155 comes with a wide range of technological advancements.
We are currently taking orders for this scooter.
There is a wait on this model.

NMAX 155 uses a Smart Key System.
If the rider has the Smart Key on their person, the machine detects its presence and allows the operations below to be performed with the main switch knob without needing to insert the key itself:
• Turning power on or off
• Engine starting/stopping
   - starting requires pulling in the brake lever and pushing the starter button
• Handlebar lock release
• Seat lock release
• Fuel tank lid lock and release
The underseat storage compartment offers a 23.3 L capacity with a space-efficient design that allows a full-face XL helmet to fit inside.
The hinge that opens and closes the seat has two springs, so that after unlocking via an easy-to-access button, the seat opens slowly and naturally.
It can also stay open by itself, making it simple to put in or take out items.
There are also two helmet hangers on the outside part of the trunk liner that add even more convenience.
An easy-to-read full LCD instrument cluster shows remaining fuel, water temperature and the current time.
It can also display an odometer, trip meter, fuel consumption (current and average), voltmeter and other data.
A convenient lever-style switch on the left handlebar cycles through displayed data.
Also, when stopped, a maintenance tripmeter can be displayed to show how long until the next oil change or V-belt change.

New Smart Motor Generator System
To provide more environmentally friendly performance, NMAX 155 integrates control of the power unit’s electronic-related functions such as fuel delivery, engine starts/re-starts and power generation into a single part called the Starter Generator Control Unit (SGCU).
The SGCU provides integrated control of the Smart Motor Generator System (for quiet engine starts) and the Stop & Start System (to reduce wasted fuel when waiting at traffic lights or other similar situations).
The engine adopts a Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) system that contributes to linear acceleration characteristics and a pleasing feeling when accelerating.
It works via a mechanism that shifts between two intake cam lobes, one for the low rev range and one for the mid to high rev range, with 6,000 rpm as the shifting point.
The rocker arm shifting is actuated by a compact solenoid coil with sensitive response characteristics.
This mutually complements the torque curve for excellent torque throughout the rev range.
The settings for the intake and exhaust components as well as optimised fuel injection settings make the cam switch smooth without any abrupt feel.
To find the right balance for styling, ride performance and utility, a new lightweight, high-rigidity frame was designed and adopted for this model.
The frame pairs together a 60.5 mm diameter main pipe, 45 mm diameter down tube and 1.6 mm thick reinforcement pieces.

The seating area is now wider to allow more freedom in the sitting position.
The width of the footboards has also been increased by 5 mm over the current NMAX, providing additional freedom at the foot area.
Also, reviewing the shape of the footboards has brought easy foot reach to the ground.

2023 Yamaha NMAX 155 ABS (GPD150A) (Green)
$6,149*2    Ride Away
Green (Green)
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$6,149 *2
Ride Away
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155cc / Petrol
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