Vespa, Piaggio & Yamaha - View our New motorbike range

Racecourse Motors Sydney has been specialising in European and Japanese motorbikes since 1985. We serve the Sydney region and are located in the Eastern Suburbs, next to Randwick Racecourse. Family owned and operated, we treat you like family when you arrive. Discover the Racecourse Motors difference.

Yamaha Road

  1. Yamaha Supersport

    Yamaha Supersport

  2. Yamaha Maximum Torque

    Yamaha Maximum Torque

  3. Yamaha Sport Heritage

    Yamaha Sport Heritage

  4. Yamaha Sport Touring

    Yamaha Sport Touring

  5. Yamaha Scooter

    Yamaha Scooter

Yamaha Off-Road

  1. Yamaha Motocross

    Yamaha Motocross

  2. Yamaha Enduro

    Yamaha Enduro

  3. Yamaha Fun

    Yamaha Fun

  4. Yamaha Adventure

    Yamaha Adventure

  5. Yamaha Agriculture

    Yamaha Agriculture

  6. Yamaha Fun ATV

    Yamaha Fun ATV

  7. Yamaha Sport ATV

    Yamaha Sport ATV


  1. Vespa Primavera

    Vespa Primavera

  2. Vespa Sprint

    Vespa Sprint

  3. Vespa GTS

    Vespa GTS

  4. Vespa GTV

    Vespa GTV


  1. Piaggio Medley 150 i-get

    Piaggio Medley 150 i-get

  2. Piaggio Medley S 150 i-get

    Piaggio Medley S 150 i-get

  3. Piaggio Beverley 400 HPE

    Piaggio Beverley 400 HPE


  1. Piaggio LAMS

    Piaggio LAMS

  2. Vespa LAMS

    Vespa LAMS

  3. Yamaha Road LAMS

    Yamaha Road LAMS

  4. Yamaha Off-Road LAMS

    Yamaha Off-Road LAMS