Yamaha Motor Insurance at Racecourse Motors

We are motorcycle specialists and we understand how important your Yamaha powered Bike is to you and that is why we have motorcycle insurance products that offer you a range of benefits not available anywhere else.

Yamaha Motor Insurance enables you to benefit from the complete range of protection available under the Yamaha umbrella. Offering you peace of mind cover, YMI is the ultimate in motorcycle and pleasure craft protection at competitive rates.

Yamaha Motor Insurance Products

Motorcycle Road Insurance

Motorcycle Road Insurance

If you want coverage that has been designed for your Yamaha Motorcycle then this is the cover for you. 

  • 3 years replacement option on your new Yamaha
  • Lifetime guarantee on all authorised repairs
  • Only genuine Yamaha parts used on repairs for your Yamaha Motorcycle
Off Road Rider Insurance

Off Road Rider Insurance

If you are the off road type, then your ride needs protection through Yamaha Motor Insurance.

  • We will pay up to 50% of the repair cost if you have an accident
  • Protection against Fire and Theft