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Primavera 150 i-Get ABS


Agile and Super-Technological

The Vespa revolution continues, with the new Primavera boasting greater safety, comfort and style, whilst providing all the bells and whistles too.

The new 12-inch wheel rims with five-spoke design, the largest in Vespa history, provide stability and total safety on all road surfaces.
The single-cylinder four-stroke engine provides a smooth and quiet ride and reduces consumption with top-of-the-range performance.
Front and rear LED lighting, Bike Finder and remote controlled seat opening are standard on the 150cc.

Front wheel ABS only


Colours and trims displayed here are a guide only and may vary from actual colours due to the display process.

  1. Blu Energia
  2. Verde Relax
  3. Nero Vulcano
  4. Bianco Innocenza
  5. Rosso Passione
  6. Beige Eleganza
Vehicle Colours

Grey Delicato

Primavera 150 Iget ABS in Verde Relax

In Verde Relax

Primavera 150 Iget ABS in Nero Vulcano

in Nero Vulcano

Primavera 150 Iget ABS in Bianco Innocenza

In Bianco Innocenza

Primavera 150 Iget ABS in Tramonto Orange

Tramonto Orange

Primavera 150 Iget ABS in Grigio Materia

Grigio Materia

Technical Specifications

Fuel consume
40.3 km/l

Top Speed
9.5 kW (12.9 HP) at 7,750 rpm

65 g/km

Fuel tank capacity
8 litre

Technical Specifications

1. Width
735 mm

4. Length
1,870 mm

2. Pitch
1,340 mm

3. Seat height
790 mm

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