15 August 2021 · Racecourse Motors News

Grip Lock Now Available

Grip Lock

Racecourse Motors is now a proud stockist of Grip-Lock. The must have protection device if you want to protect your pride and joy.

The Grip-Lock sells for $99.00 or get 15% off with any service, scooter or motorcycle purchase. Grip-Lock are passionate about protecting your ride and for as little as $99 we think it provides excellent value and peace of mind. If you're a commuter this is a must have.

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With over 22 motorcycles per day being stolen in Australia there is an obvious need to protect your ride. Over 90% of thefts are by opportunists. Grip-Lock is designed to stop these thief's.

Grip-Lock was invented and designed in New Zealand where it is still manufactured to ensure a continuing high standard of quality. Beware cheap copies that look similar but do not provide the same level of security as the real Grip-Lock.

Grip-Lock benefits your vehicle security in many ways as listed below.



  • High visibility. A great deterrent and never forgotten before riding
  • Compact. Fits easily into a pocket or bag and most motorcycle storage cavities when not in use
  • Intuitive, quick and easy to use. Designed to be easy so you will use it every time.
  • Strong yet lightweight. The 30% glass filled nylon is tougher than many moulded metals and in combination with the four hardened steel inserts, makes it totally secure against any hand tools including metal hacksaws.
  • Developed and tested to resist extreme impact and leverage and most mobile cutting tools.
  • Fits most scooters, motorcycles and ATV’s without needing to alter the bike in any way.
  • Highly adjustable for variations in handle grip size and lever position. Can be used on clutch lever or the brake lever, with the brake on or off while still immobilizing the throttle twist grip. The sliding lever clamp allows you to adjust the desired amount of pressure on the brake, which doesn't need to be much to prevent the bike from being pushed.
  • Anti-drill, anti-pick lock barrel with 50,000 key combinations.
  • The key is not required to lock the Grip-Lock (further simplifying installation)
  • When used on the rear brake lever (e.g. scooters), it will hold the back wheel from spinning allowing for the loosening or re-torqueing of the clutch nut when doing belt, clutch and variator maintenance.