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2020 RSV4 1000 RR

$ 29,890 Ride Away

Aprilia RSV4 RR represents a top shelf technical platform, ready to provide the rider with a “race replica” performance and feeling. In order to support the most demanding riders, one of the available accessories Aprilia offers is the Track kit, a package of prestigious parts that work together to improve many aspects of the RSV4 RR such as its weight, handling, aerodynamics and, last but not least, its appearance. The MY 20 version of the RSV4 RR has not undergone any technical changes with respect to the previous version.

The inimitable character and performance of the 1.0 litre Aprilia V4 

The primary and unique characteristics of this 999.6 cc Italian technological gem, those that led to the creation of the best superbike of all time, are shared with the 1077 cc engine that powers the Factory version.

Power and maximum torque are respectively 201 HP at 13,000 rpm and 115 Nm at 10,500 rpm, bar-setting values that are joined by the one-of-a-kind sound, a true soundtrack offered by all Aprilia V4 engines. Like the Factory 1100 cc V4, the RR's 1000 cc also boasts ultra lightweight pistons fitted with segments that reduce the blow-by effect in order to combine high performance and reliability. There is also a honing treatment for the connecting rod heads that contributes to reducing friction. The valve return springs also guarantee reliability during heavier work loads, while the valves benefit from optimised timing. The gearbox has a linear sensor that guarantees impeccable shifting operation, while the RSV4 RR exhaust system with double lambda probe features a silencer with integrated valve.


Aprilia RSV4 perfectly represents the Aprilia tradition of packaging state of the art chassis architectures, thanks to the know-how acquired during high level international competition. The frame, with exceptional adjustment possibilities, and the swingarm both exploit pressed and cast elements that are welded to one another. The ratio between torsional stiffness and flexibility is one of the secrets behind the RSV4 chassis architecture's success. It is the same structure that equips the Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory, although the latter boasts a different steering geometry.

The chassis architecture of the RSV4 RR is completed by a Sachs suspension trio comprising a fork with 43 mm stanchions, a shock absorber with separate “piggy back”, and a steering damper, the first two fully adjustable in terms of all their hydraulic functions and spring pre-load (the shock absorber also has a centre-to-centre length adjustment that allows the height of the rear end to be changed).

On the RSV4 RR, Aprilia offers a pair of cast aluminium wheels and a Brembo braking system that is top of line in this category: the front relies on a pair of new 5 mm thick steel discs with a diameter of 330 mm, gripped by the monobloc M50 callipers fitted with high friction coefficient brake pads.


The Aprilia RSV4 RR is available in two attractive colour schemes with a black or grey base (Rivazza grey and Arrabbiata black) and with red wheel rims.
The Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory is the exclusive version that comes as standard with Öhlins semi-active suspension, lightweight aluminium forged rims and the titanium Akrapovic exhaust tailpipe. It stands out for its new dedicated Atomico Racer graphics which highlight and enhance the use of precious technical materials such as carbon, thanks to the contrast with the total black matte paint, also adding the tricolour graphics seen on the RS-GP that competes in the MotoGP world championship. The upper steering yoke enhanced with the contrasting laser etched '1100 Factory' wording completes the model's features.


Aprilia has designed and developed a wide range of accessories for personalisation of the RSV4 RR and RSV4 1100 Factory. High-quality, select items to increase a motorbike's performance, aesthetics or level of comfort.

  • Slip-on exhaust (as standard on RSV4 1100 Factory): Akrapovic by Aprilia Racing, equipped with a titanium silencer and homologated for road use. A carbon slip-on version is also available, exclusively for track use. Includes the dedicated engine mapping developed by Aprilia Racing.
  • Complete racing exhaust: Akrapovic by Aprilia Racing exhaust system complete with manifolds. The tailpipe is in carbon. Includes the dedicated engine mapping developed by Aprilia Racing.
  • ECU: Engine control unit dedicated to track use, programmed with racing maps. Specific for non-original exhaust systems (complete or only slip-on. Street legal or not) not supplied by Aprilia.
  • Öhlins TTX shock absorbers: the TTX line is the most prestigious of the products offered by Öhlins (top and bottom attachments are in billet aluminium). They allow full and fine adjustment across all shock absorbing functions. They can be fitted with linear sensors to install telemetry.
  • Öhlins steering damper: the fine adjustment of the hydraulics ensures a front end that is always stable during the most violent acceleration.
  • ÖhlinsNIX Fork: top shelf performance on the track and the road. A wide range of precision pre-load and hydraulic rebound and compression adjustments.
  • Components in carbon: fairings, mudguards and heel guards. Made in matte finish carbon fibre. They guarantee a sporty look and a lower overall weight.
  • Front brake air vents in carbon: these are easily installed on the front braking system,reducing temperatures and maintaining the same braking performance in situations of prolonged stress.
  • Aerodynamic appendages (as standard on RSV4 1100 Factory): created in carbon,they are the most significant expression of Aprilia Racing experience in MotoGP. Developed around the base of those that equip the RS-GP, they increase aerodynamic load and help to maintain stability at high speeds.
  • Lithium battery: (as standard on RSV4 1100 Factory).Allows for a weight saving of 2.5 kg with respect to the standard.
  • Mirror plugs: made from polyethylene, these are applied in place of mirrors when using the bike on the track.
  • License plate hole cover: made of laser cut aluminium, this is applied after removing the license plate bracket when using the bike on the track.
  • Inverted racing gear lever: this is a mechanical element that inverts the gear shifting mode in order to improve performance on track.
  • Forged rims (standard equipment on RSV4 1100 Factory): made from aluminium with a forging process, these provide maximum resistance and are lightweight, essential for increasing handling.
  • Aluminium racing levers: made in billet aluminium, they give the bike an even more aggressive look and reduce the weight of the factory component.
  • Handlebar counterweights: made in billet aluminium. Complete with black nylon plug and laser engraved logos. The particular construction hides the fixing screw.
  • Tank bag: this bag is made of technical fabric with carbon-look inserts. Tested and approved to resist oil, fuel, UV rays and not compromise stability even at high speeds.
  • Adjustable license plate bracket: made in laser cut steel. Includes the LED licence plate light.
  • Motorcycle cover: made of breathable Lycra, this cover was designed to protect your bike from dust.
  • Aprilia MIA kit: this installation kit for the multimedia platform dedicated to Aprilia V4 models comprises a Bluetooth control unit and all the wiring needed for installation.

The range of RSV4 RR accessories is enriched with three Track Kits that transform the bike into a perfect racing machine. The kits have been developed to increase performance of the RSV4 RR by acting in three main areas: 

  • Weight: lithium battery, forged wheels, Akrapovic carbon slip-on exhaust by Aprilia Racing)
  • Riding efficiency: Öhlins NIX fork, Öhlins TTX rear shock absorber, Öhlins steering damper)
  • Aerodynamics: front brake air vents, aerodynamic appendages, both in carbon)


Engine type:xxx
Bore and stroke:xxx
Total engine capacity:xxx
Maximum power:xxx
Maximum torque:xxx
Fuel system:xxx
Front Suspension:xxx
Rear Suspension:xxx
Brakes Front:xxx
Brakes Rear:xxx
Wheels Front:xxx
Wheels Rear:xxx
Tyres Front:xxx
Tyres Rear:xxx
Total Length:xxx
Seat Height:xxx
Dry Weight:xxx
Fuel Tank:xxx
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